10 Benefits of eats Garlic

Hai korang.i hope your guys doing well tosay.Happy weekends and have a great weekend.I am pretty sure your guys today have to full attend a "open house" right.

Ok..for today i would like to share with you about the benefits of Garlic.how the garlic give the benefita to our body.
From my readings about this benefits of garlic,let me share with you guys.

10 reasona to eat Garlic today

1.Can help stop hair loss thanks to high levels of allicin.
2.Boost your immune system and helps ward off colds.
3.Garlic filled diets help weight loss and reduces fat stores.
4.Eat to detox-garlic releases toxins from the liver.
5.Filled with antioxidants rub it on your face to cure acne.
6.Helps to heal cold sores and reduce swelling.
7.Anti-inflammatory properties great for psoriasis
8.Helps to lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
9.Banish athletes foot by soaking feet in warm water with garlic.
10.Thins ths blood to prevent cloths

Wow..its so amazing right.So lets eats garlic..hehe


  1. Sis typo tosay teringat tosei mamak dapnyeee hehe

  2. Banyak rupanya kebaikkan bawang putih ni . Tapi CCL kurang gemar bawang putih , dalam masakan pun jarang guna

    1. samalah akak..nak makan gitu memang payah..tapi ayah akak memang makan gitu je

  3. heheh orang Korea suka letak raw garlic dalam makanan diorang.. walaupun keje makan daging ngan minom alcohol je depa control healthy food thru makan benda2 mcm ni..

    1. oh..tak tau pulak pasal makanan korean suka letak garlic ni

  4. Bayk ye kebaikan garlic ni..


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