Percutian di Pulau Besar Mersing

Hai korang☺☺ Kan best kalau mimpi tu sentiasa menjadi kenyataan.Dah macam duduk dalam alam fantasi bila dapat semua yang kita impikan.Entry ni bukan entry sponsorship ye.Ini adalah entry wishlist yang aku harap tahun depan akan dapat...hahahha...So kita kenalah ada impian dulu sebelum nak mencapai apa yang kita impikan tu kan.Mana tau bulan jatuh ke riba.kah..kah...

Contohnya,Percutian ke Pulau-Pulau cantik di Johor.Tak perlu nak pergi jauh-jauh lah kan.Dalam Negeri Johor ni pun dah terdapat Pulau-Pulau Cantik di Johor Bahru ni yang kita sendiri tak tahu akan kewujudannya.Sebab apa,kita sendiri tak explore Negeri kita Sendiri.Dan contoh yang paling dekat adalah Pulau-pulau yang ada di Mersing Johor.

Walaupun aku ni anak jati Johor,tapi sepanjang umur aku dah 3 series nilah baru aku tau kewujudan Pulau cantik ni.Ini pun aku terbaca di Page Saya Orang  Johor.Masa aku singgah di Page Saya Orang  Johor ni ternampaklah pemandangan indah di Pulau Besar Mersing.

Hah..Jangan tak tahu,Kalau korang yang ada mood Honeymoon ,katanya tempat inilah paling sesuai tau.Semua facilities ada.Disini juga ada satu Resort iaitu Aseania Beach Resort Besar Island Mersing.

Info Aseania Beach Resort Besar Island ni.

Welcome to Aseania Beach Resort Pulau Besar
A sanctuary where barefoot comfort meets an innovative sensation is where Aseania Beach Resort Pulau Besar is. Home to various interesting and delicate sea creatures that are topped with excellent coral reef, makes our resort one of the best around Pulau Besar. Presenting a 3 star resort experience that is integrated with awesome environment, culture and design; our resort can be found sitting calmly at Mersing, Johor.

Offering a fairytale like vacation experience to anyone that loves sun, sea and sand, Aseania Beach Resort Pulau Besar is the perfect escapade. Taking advantage of the strategic location, we offers the privacy that you longed for especially while you are on a trip. Besides, having one of the most mesmerizing environments around Johor, our hotel guests will constantly be greeted with crystal clear seawater and soft touches of white sand.

Along the horizon of the beach in front of our resort, lies an excellent ground where hotel guests can get up close and personal with the natural habitat. Flocks of birds can be seen plastering the clear blue skies when the first ray hits the land, adding a dream-liked sensation that makes it picture perfect for many. What's more, bringing in the habitat where exotic and exquisite flora and fauna live; this is also a dream come true haven for nature lover.

Featuring only 47 holiday resort rooms, these impressive spaces are decorated with layback and Kampung style interior and exterior. Designed with utmost comfort and leisure in mind, our resort aims to indulge our guest in all elements of relaxation and ease in terms of accommodating experience. Such ideology was backed by providing down-to-earth environment, plus creative and thoughtful facilities to our guests to ensure a great stay at our resort. The mentioned facilities includes air-conditioning, desk, separate shower and tub, mini refrigerator, satellite TV as well as complimentary bottled of water.

Aseania Beach Resort Pulau Besar can be reach with 4 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur to Mersing Jetty by road. After so, tourists will need to embark on a 30 minutes boat ride before landing at our courtyard. Taking advantage of the beautiful and mesmerizing environment of lush rainforest and white sandy beaches, our resort is said to be an excellent playground for both business and leisure travellers.

Our resort, despite providing basic beach facilities like beach volleyball, beach futsal and motorized water-sport, has something more to offer, which is also the most prominent attractions here at Aseania Beach Resort Pulau Besar. That is the all time favourite expedition into the underwater world via snorkeling. Hotel guests will have the chance to swim side by side with the sea creatures while enjoying the sense of calmness it brings. Moreover, to enhance the whole accommodating journey, we too offers island hopping facilities where hotel guests can hop onto other neighbouring beaches for some sightseeing and photography session. By offering such unforgettable fun to our hotel guests, we too had successfully secured many repeat customers. 

After a long and exciting fun at the beach, scrumptious cuisines await at our resort's restaurant. Highlighting the beauty of its surrounding, our restaurant is decorated using the simplest element but in a refreshing manner, which enhanced the sense of tranquillity of Mother Nature. Complimented with the beautiful d¨¦cor are some yummy delicacies from our signature chef, which will leave your mouth watering at all times. When nightfall, there is a new highlight where hotel guests can embark in. Which is to venture into the core of our Lounge where heart pumping music and energetic flow can be felt all night long. Hotel guests too can indulge in alcoholic and non-alcoholic thirst quencher there. However, for a more chilling expedition, our resort also features beach hut where guests can have some alone time. So what are you waiting for? Dive into the fun and excitement Aseania Beach Resort Pulau Besar has to offer this holiday season! 

Hah...bestkan..itu korang belum tengok pemandangan cantik di Pulau Besar Mersing ni.

Credit photo : islandofmalaysia

Masuk dalam wishlist Pulau menarik di Johor Bahru.So,nanti kalau ada rezeki lebih,bolehlah ke sini.Mana tau kan dah tua-tua nak pergi honeymoon..Apa salahnya kan.

Sekarang ni pun Aseania Beach Resort Besar Island Mersing sedang mengadakan Package Promotion yang pastinya korang takkan lepaskan peluang tau..Meh tengok kat bawah ni ye

Promotion Package Aseania Beach Resort Besar Island Mersing

Harap-harap en.husband kita bacalah kan entry ni.Mana tau Anniversary akan datang dia hadiahkan kita pakej kan..kah..kah...

Untuk korang yang nak melihat lebih lanjut tentang apa yang ada di Aseania Beach Resort Besar Island Mersing ni boleh terus ke website di bawah ni ye

Aseania Beach Resort Besar Island Mersing

Pulau Besar Mersing Johor Malaysia
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  1. best sgt tu kak eda.. dah lama tak bercuti ke pulau2 ni..

  2. Last pergi Pulau Besar tu tahun 2006 ke 2007. Hujan masa balik tu adoiiii serammm..

  3. Jemput singgah :)

  4. Bestnya.. cantik Sgt pulau besar meraing

  5. cantiknya pulai besar..belum pernah pergi pulau2 ni

  6. Teringin sangat nak pergi Pulau kat Johor ni. bestnya! view pun cantik

  7. Wow, pantai tu nampak amat cantik dan nyaman. I akan pelan utk kunjungi tahun depan.


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