6 Nutrients for women need most


Hai and morning.Today i would like to share 6 Nutrients women need most.As a women,mother of two sweeties, i'll need this nutrients for being a good mother and wife.

So,here with 6 nutrients women need most.

Vitamin B6 - Ragulated mood,apetite & sleep
Vitamin B12 - Fights fatigue + improves alertness
Folate - Prevents brain and spinal defects in first weeks of pregnancy + lowers risk of colon & breast cancer
Vitamin D3 - Strengthens bones,teeth,muscles + proects againtst autoimmune disease + breast  & ovarian cancer
Calcium - Reduce PMS symptoms + maintains blood pressure
Iron - proper brain function + boost energy levels + prevents anemia

All this 6 nutrients need to take for women.


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